Orlando Creative Project

OrlandoCreativeProject- October 2015. Buttermint,Rhubarb te Bear, and Nova perform on stage

Orlando Creative Project- October 2015. Buttermint,Rhubarb the Bear, and Nova perform on stage.


This past saturday I performed with Rhubarb and Nova on stage at the Orlando Creative Project.  Its an annual event that takes place in downtown Orlando bringing together hundreds of performers and artists from around the area. This year Rhubarb was kind enough to ask a bunch of us fursuiters to participate. I was on stage in Buttermint along with Nova and Rhubarb, but there was Song the otter and a dozen more fursuiters just off stage dancing with the crowds of people that came to see the show. It was quite a different spectacle I would say. Not often you get to see Fursuiters doing a show at a big public event. I thank Rhubarb and Cosmic for graciously allowing all of us to be there and have such a wonderful time.