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Durango DingoThis is me and this is my life as a dingo.  Sometimes its exciting, sometimes its just plain ole me.

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Dingo was created in my mind and put together by Lacy at Fursuits by Lacy. He came to life at RCFM 2006. That was my very first time in fursuit. I have never looked back since. Ive been to more than 100 cons and events over the years, including Jax Furs Picnic FWA, Megaplex, RCFM, MFM, Anthrocon, Furloween, FAunited, Oklacon, Further Confusion, Furry Fiesta, Fangcon And Midwest Furfest. I’ve traveled many miles over the years and met many many friends and interesting furs from around the world. Being a furry is the most interesting adventure of my life!

At present I reside in the awesome crazy state of Florida spending time on the beach and playing in the water….. (Dont tell anyone but im really an otter on the inside)

Things I done: I have been quite active in the furry community. Presently serve as staff for Anthrocon helping out in the artist alley and dealers den areas. I also volunteer at Megaplex as well. I have served on staff for FWA in 2006-2007, Oklacon in 2007-2008 in the rolls of fursuit director and convention chair. more recently 2014-2015 I was the fursuit director for Fangcon in Knoxville, TN and in 2016 I joined the staff of Anthrocon. I have also organized local events in Florida and Georgia.  From 2006-2008 I ran a weekly meet and a monthly bowling meet for the Marietta Furs. 2012-2014 I put together the Jacksonville Furry Beach Picnic.

I have many accounts on so many sites i sometimes lose track of them all.  This site is a place you can find all of them pulled together. Like Twtter, Furaffinity, Inkbunny, Weasyl, Furry NetworkFurry 4 Life, Sofurry but most of all you should watch this site 🙂 See my contacts page for even more places to find me

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